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NOTE: Text in black is my writing, text in blue is my partner's.

Since their talk days ago, something new had developed between Alexander and Kelly. At least, Alexander thought so. They were certainly seeing each other more; he'd taken Kelly out nearly every night this week. He was becoming more and more comfortable in the presence of the other man; after having revealed the truth about one of his two big secrets, he felt like a weight had lifted from him, one that he thought would allow them to connect more deeply then they would have previously.

He had still not let Kelly know his other secret. The truth about the lion inside him. Alexander feared that he would never be able to blurt that out. It was simply not within him to tell this man – who he was starting to really feel for – about all of those things that went bump in the night. Or that he was one of those things. That was just too much.

On Friday night, they'd had a lovely evening; they had a nice dinner, visited the theatre (The Lion in Winter, a personal favorite of Alex's in addition to being a private joke) and then he took his beau out for drinking and dancing. Things were going beautifully, until they left the club. The door opened up onto a dark, narrow alley and, as they walked towards the glow of the streetlights, Alexander started to notice that shapes were moving behind him in the dark.
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NOTE: Text in black is my writing, text in blue is my partner's.

This was going to be awkward. There was no way around that. But it had to be done. Once upon a time, Robbie had been his best friend. His best friend. Then he had broken Robbie into pieces and disappeared. He'd never had the balls to call, even, to apologize. He wrote a letter once, shortly after he left, but had not sent it.

He had been too scared, too ashamed to reach out. Erik new it was way too late, but too late was better, he supposed, then never. At least, he had to give it a shot. He owed that, at least. And he was supposed to be an X-Man now. He didn't feel like one, not yet, but he knew he had to start acting like one. And ducking responsibilities wasn't very X-Man-like.

So Erik marched himself to Robbie's door and knocked.
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Journal example! [Jul. 1st, 2011|12:37 am]
First post from a high school RP )
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